Commercial Ice Machines

Costa Mechanical and Refrigeration commercial ice machine specialist are just that, “specialists.” We have witnessed it all and there is no repair too big or too small. The Costa team are highly-trained and up to date on the latest standards of compliance – which means faster service, more savings and less costly down time.

Costa Mechanical and Refrigeration installs and services commercial ice machines in Southwest Florida. When a Costa technician installs your ice machine you will know it was done right the first time.

Southwest Florida Ice Machine Specialists

An adequate supply of ice – especially in the hot summer months – is imperative for any restaurant or other food service operation. Timely, reliable ice machine service is a must if this critical piece of equipment suffers problems. Costa Mechanical and refrigeration has performed top quality repair on commercial ice machines and our technicians know how to work on any kind of ice machine, regardless of manufacturer.

Even when you are not facing an emergency need for your commercial ice machine, it is important that you make sure and maintain your machine on a regular basis. This is often overlooked by a business owner, but if your commercial ice machine fails a health inspection, the result can be a substantial fine and significant disruption to your business. A Costa technician will inspect your system for mineral scale build up, algae, slime, air borne yeast, and make sure that the coils are regularly cleaned and the filters replaced, and check for leaks as well. This kind of early intervention can lead to a longer life for your machine and more efficient operation.

Commercial Ice Machine Service and Repair

If you are experiencing any of the following, then you likely need to have your machine serviced or replaced:

  • Interrupted water supply
  • Scale build-up on water distribution components blocks
  • Worn plating
  • Scale build-up on the evaporator
  • Problems with controls

Whether your ice machine needs repair or replacement, call the trusted Costa Mechanical and Refrigeration team for fast and friendly service.