Southwest Florida Air Duct Cleaning

Is your indoor air quality within a healthy range? A recent study found that more than 97% of homes had lower than acceptable levels of air quality. Bad indoor air quality can contribute to or complicate the following health conditions:

– Asthma
– Cardiovascular Disease
– Lead Exposure
– Birth Defects
– Neurobehavioral Disorders

Tell-Tale Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning While many allergens are impossible to see, these signs will alert you that your ducts could use a good cleaning:

– Dust around the registers
– Low air volume coming from the vents
– Stale or musty odors when the unit is running
– A burning smell when the air or heat comes on

Air Duct Cleaning Is The Key To Good Air Quality

While many people opt for air filters to clean the air, the best way to improve air quality is to prevent air pollutants in the first place. The best line of defense in indoor air quality is air duct cleaning. Your air conditioner and heater blow air throughout your home, but if the air ducts are not maintained, harmful pollutants are transported through the home including:

– Particle Allergens
– Chemical Pollutants
– Carbon Dioxide
– Excess Humidity
– Carbon Monoxide

Duct Inspections/Repair/Replacement

Costa Mechanical & Refrigeration technicians are experienced in solving air quality issues through duct inspections. We pinpoint allergens and duct mildew and perform advanced cleaning techniques with duct brush cleaning to remove dust, mold and smoke particles from your ductwork. Our preventative maintenance ensures indoor allergies removal, microbial growth prevention, duct mildew/smoke removal, replacing contaminated ductwork insulation and repairing duct leaks. Contact us today to schedule an air duct inspections and a free estimate.